My first child avocado is now a grown-up and boasts somewhat, particularly when I’ve company. Listed below are my findings and ideas so that you can do the identical. Everyone can do it, it isn’t onerous! And it is actually rewarding to see the primary leaves coming into life!

Spectacular growth for my first avocado plant. Photos taken about 6 months apart. Photo:
Spectacular progress for my first avocado plant. Pictures taken about 6 months aside. Photograph:


  1. Pointier aspect on the prime. Minimize your avocado in half and take a second to recollect which aspect of the pit is the pointier. As soon as within the glass, it’ll be on the prime and level upwards, the bigger aspect on the backside.
  2. Insert toothpicks. Rinse the pit and gently insert 3 toothpicks into it, with a slight angle upwards. If you wish to skip this step, you want a bulb vase. These have an extended slim neck and make it straightforward to develop roots from bulbs or seeds.
  3. Place in a glass. Fill the glass with faucet water till the extent covers half the avocado pit. Like an iceberg.
  4. Keep in mind to alter the water with contemporary water as soon as to twice every week. It is necessary as a result of water will get deoxygenated after some time.
Steps to Grow an Avocado Plant from the Seed. Picture from
Steps to Develop an Avocado Plant from the Seed. Image from


  • The roots will develop from the bigger aspect of the pit, on the backside. A crack will kind and broaden from the underside, alongside the aspect after which up. That is regular, the roots will begin to develop from inside the crack.
  • You’ll be able to peel off the lifeless darkish pores and skin when it turns into comfortable.
  • Timing-wise, my avocado took a very good 2 months to supply leaves however progress is determined by many components. I began at first of the winter, so the expansion was slower than anticipated.
  • As soon as leaves are forming, it is a good suggestion to prune to encourage horizontal progress, for a prettier look.
  • You’ll be able to repot in soil whenever you’ve obtained sufficient roots.
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